Set up and tidy up...

Build your private practice with a strong framework and clear professional boundaries that support your long term vision and ideal day-to-day.

Together, we create this through systematic planning and preparation, research and inspiration. That means tangible intentions, checklists, worksheets, and organisational systems.

Have you wondered where you might find someone who can help you define the meeting point between your brain and your heart? Someone by your side to show you how to implement those plans?

This is trauma-sensitive, experience-led private practice set up and tidy up guidance.


Fact-based finance

Stop "charging your worth" or basing your fees on comparison with colleagues and instead, spend some time collecting figures, calculating your expenses and making fact-based financial choices.

As therapists, so few of us have had training in accountancy, spreadsheets and profit planning. Many of us never learned to budget or save and when we realise we are business owners, we feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and prospect of the dreaded spreadsheet.

Numbers are our friends. They give clarity. We can build systematic processes for fee calculation, fee raising, cancellation and non payment and still offer accessible and affordable therapeutic support through reduced fee programmes, sliding scales and charity contributions. Let's take care of you and figure out what practice model aligns with your values.

Ride or Die

This is the true foundation of ALL service based business: Your Support Team. 

These are the people who support you, your values and your vision. They might be people in your immediate professional circle like your clinical supervisor, coach, lecturer, accountant and therapist. They might be more personal like a parent or sibling or a therapist biz bestie.

These people are Team Ride or Die.

Dramatic, available, unequivocal.

This is the central pillar that we focus on rooting and expanding so that you feel as held and supported as your clients do with you.

Policies, paperwork & procedures

One of the most exciting aspects of private practice is the opportunity to work with clients who LOVE to work with us, clients we do our best work with.

Our policies, paperwork and procedures are all part of the integral framework that guide our clients towards us and support them as they move through our welcome, intake, continuity and graduation workflows.

 If we store information in a way that makes it easy to find, we can trust our reminders, lists and trackers and focus on being in session with our clients doing what we are meant for.

Organisation might not seem super exciting, but that's because you haven't met my Trello Private Practice Framework yet!


Lim Li Hsien


Working with Tamara allows me to understand better how I can move forward with my practice and make it my own. She takes the unique experiences of each participant in the group and uses them to synthesize meaning and purpose. The creative exercises are fun, and also relevant to giving us more insight into how we see ourselves in our private practice.

Chris Oxborrow


Working with Tamara is incredibly affirming. She works immensely hard behind the scenes on all her offerings to provide accepting and safe environments full of potential for growth and connection. She is generous with her knowledge and her time - I would highly recommend her coaching pods as well as the other training and courses she produces.



Working with Tamara is like a burst of sunshine, she is full of energy, enthusiasm and most of all a wealth of wisdom and confidence. Tamara is the advocate that everyone needs in their corner, her support and belief in me has given me immense confidence to run a group.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tamara.


I was surprised at how beneficial a single coaching session could be, I received a comprehensive initial form about my practice needs which I felt really demonstrated care and attention to detail. We were able to cover what I needed in the session and I took so much away with me to reflect on and implement in my practice. I arrived confused and  overwhelmed and left feeling inspired and held.


Integrative Psychotherapist, MSc, MBACP

Together, we shift emotional blocks with curiosity and care, and approach Imposter Syndrome side by side.

We identify your private practice vision from a heart centre and redistribute the mental load.
We navigate the administrative steps of setting up or overhauling your private practice.
We research international legal and professional regulations, assess risk and prepare safety procedures.
We define policies and procedures that support you and your clients whilst protecting your practice.
We edit website copy and directory listings to reflect your niche and design a congruent marketing plan.
We calculate fees and plan a sustainable financial framework that provides holidays and pensions.

All the messy stuff that we usually need a bit of support with, those are my favourite activities to collaborate on.

Working with Tamara is easy !

She is engaging and driven and very supportive. Her knowledge and passion for helping colleagues to develop further is really stimulating.

maura brivio

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Coach


Private practice support with Tamara is available through a range of price points from completely free courses, community and trainings through to bespoke coaching programmes with a four figure investment.

I host coaching pods [small groups] and love working 1:1 with therapists crafting their practice visions.

I limit the number of 1:1 coaching clients I work with so that I am able to provide streamlined and individualised support.

*Two coaching spots are currently available!

Choose a package below and we will contact you with availability for sessions following payment.

the practice pod



Join a cohesive close knit therapist nest for professional and personal depth development

your practice vision



Define your Private Practice Vision with individual tailored support

bespoke 1:1 coaching


Targeted support and voicenote access between meetings. Limited to 1 coachee per quarter.

Tamara is a hugely generous and creative enabler and coach. I valued the way she engaged us as a group, building a safe and supportive environment to explore our ideas together.  She skillfully held and encouraged us as individuals, giving bespoke guidance and encouragement whilst responding to the group dynamic and weaving in a relevant theme each session.  I learnt so much from my time with her and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity it gave me to personally reflect and develop.


Integrative Counsellor


Part of promising to be present means noticing how much space I have in my head and heart. I work with a maximum of four individual coaching clients at a time so that I know I can return messages, read, think and accommodate schedules.


I don't incorporate "goals" because I believe the language around goal setting can perpetuate achievement culture, expectation and ultimately Imposter Syndrome. Instead we commit to mutual trust, openness and intentional collaboration.


All coaching package clients have voice or text note connection with me between the first and final sessions. I read updates, check out your website and keep you in mind.


I ask for 48 hours' notice to cancel or move appointment but if you need to move our meeting at late notice, I don't charge cancellation fees. I try to offer as much flexibility as possible. 

Having completed the Learn to Love Online Therapy course with Tamara and a lovely group of therapists, I was ready to join the POD before I even knew what the POD was. We have had a few calls so far, and I have gained invaluable insights from all calls. The biggest take away for me is connection with other like minded people. Thank you for putting this together, Tamara. The POD is a brilliant opportunity to go deeper into your practice structures, systems and your own business mindset. I highly recommend it!


Pluralistic Counsellor, PGDip, MBACP

I'd love to hear from you...

If you'd like to hear when a space opens up in my small group coaching pod or more about individual coaching, drop me a note and let me know you are interested!

*You may hear back from me or my assistant.