If This, Then What?

20 templates for tricky situations that usually have us squirming. With guidance for each collection as well as copy paste or downloadable versions for you to keep, this email and paperwork swipe file is a no brainer. 

Saves time and stress.

What's included?

Templates for all these situations below are included as both a download file and a referenceable course. That means you can have all the documents, or you can peruse the contents list whenever you need a particular template. AND there's a bonus course included!

Website Fees Page wording

Incremental Fee Increase

Opt in fee increase for existing Clients

Annual notice of increase

Fee Increase for Returning Clients

Invitation to Book an Introductory Call

Confirmation of Introductory Call

Referral Recommendation

Follow Up and Invitation to Book

Not Taking New Clients

Reminder when a Client is late/does not attend

Cancellation Policy Script for intake

Follow Up After Session and Invitation to Book

Cancellation Policy Wording

Following Up with client when There is Risk Concern

Response to Late Cancellation Request

Break Confidentiality to Next of Kin

Reminder of fee after late cancel

Break Confidentiality to Emergency Services

Notice of Changes to Cancellation Policy


cancellation policies course included

for free!

So many of us struggle to set and explain clear cancellation terms in private practice!

Our difficulties with deciding when to be flexible, how to remind clients or follow up after a late cancellation lead to unnecessary rupture and unfortunately in many instances, losing clients. This BONUS course walks you through ethical guidelines, hypothetical scenarios and how to write your own policy by providing a lawyer reviewed template for you to adapt to your practice.

We can look after our own professional self care needs whilst also prioritising our clients.



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