Learn to love Online Therapy

Self Paced Course & Alumni Community


Would you like to have an excellent online therapy practice and a close knit community of like-minded colleagues?

Join us as you craft a highly professional, ethical and SUSTAINABLE online practice that you LOVE.

We treat online therapy as a craft, a perspective and a sustainable model of private practice.

With a 100 page workbook, 8 video modules and a range of expert interviews, we develop beyond competency to develop mastery in our online practices.

The Switch: In Person to Online

Even since the pandemic, you may have realised that although you completed introductory webinars about online counselling, you were not completely convinced that it was a good fit for you. 

You might still feel that Telehealth is the poor cousin of In Person Therapy, despite it having gained legitimacy amongst practitioners and clients alike. You're dreading more Zoom calls, staring at the bright screen and squishing yourself into the corner of the spare room. Maybe you are itching to get back in the therapy room with clients even though you wish you could learn to love working online.

I remember that feeling! I moved from London to Paris in 2012 and kept my fledgling practice going from the kitchen of my tiny studio, with glitchy internet and a fridge in the background.

My supervisor gently suggested more training and after an experiential course, I have never looked back. Connecting with other online therapists and training with experts is what changed everything for me. That is what inspired me to support other practitioners in their discovery of how online therapy can exponentially benefit both the Therapist and the Client.

lovely words from lottie grads...

Learn to Love Online Therapy has been one of the most transforming courses I have ever done. It is hugely professional and brilliantly constructed.
Morag Barker
Creative Counsellor

I now love working online and I've found a way to work as a therapist that totally suits me. I didn't know a better way for me to do therapy existed until I did this course.

Elsie Owen
Therapist & Coach
The experiential and interactive peer learning, relational risk taking, research, video testing was really helpful, as was Tamara's self-reflexivity.
Kate Campbell

This course gave me so much more than I could have thought. Thanks Tamara, for the most wonderful experience I have had in a course.

Laura Clifford-Jones
Counsellor, Coach & Trainer

Features of the Self Paced Course


You get immediate access to all modules, interviews, resources and downloads right here on the website.


Guest expert interviews and anonymous client audio interviews support the main curriculum.


The most cohesive and collaborative professional group I have ever taken part of, hands down!


If you want live support, you are welcome to join The Practice Pod with a 25% discount especially for alumni of Learn to Love Online Therapy.

Reflective Programme Workbook

It's pretty beautiful, if I do say so myself! It's sleek, clean, clear and full of useful checklists and prompts.

Referral & Networking Support

The Lottie group is the first place we all ask for referral support, network with each other and build our practices.

Our pricing Options


Immediate access with in full payment or monthly plan

  • Immediate access to all course contents
  • Guest expert interviews and anonymous client audio interviews
  • LOTTIE Alumni Facebook Community with all cohorts
  • Fillable Reflective 100 page PDF workbook and checklists
  • 8 professionally recorded video modules with subtitles
  • Invitation to join The Practice Pod with a 25% saving




Contains everything in the self paced course PLUS>>

  • Weekly live workshops
  • Pairing matches for experiential exercises
  • Max 20 participants
  • Tamara's Paperwork Pack Included [value £500]
  • Welcome and graduation group calls





I am an Integrative Psychotherapist in Private Practice based in Paris. I have been providing online and telephone therapy for over 10 years and love working this way!

I am passionate about supporting therapists who are discovering the value of their therapeutic skills in the online sphere, encouraging them to expand the edges of their comfort zones in a safe and secure way and truly learn how to enjoy distance therapy.

Thanks for joining me!


Tamara Howell she/her

Welcome... Please drop me a line if you have questions about this course!

Course Curriculum

The curriculum focuses on a different stage of the Intake process each week so that by the end of the programme, we feel proficient, experienced and confident in our Policies and Procedures.


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