The Practice Pod Global Coaching Group

Support, Strategy and Community for Therapists in Private Practice and Beyond

This 6 month coaching container is a space for therapists optimising their private practices, exploring alternative income streams, and eager to connect with other therapists.

Doors are now open to enrol in our July-December 2024 group >>

Call Times: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month

7-8.30pm UK time/8-9.30pm CET/2-3.30pm Eastern

Hello fellow therapist, is this you?

We come to this work because we are called to it.

Things are going ok for you. You've got enquiries from Psychology Today, you've used website templates, you're helping your clients, you're getting paid for your work.

And also....

Your Respect Your Work as Your Vocation

You are learning to be a better employer to yourself and want a space where you can talk to other professionals who see this as a financially viable vocation. This isn't just a hobby for you, it's your livelihood and you want to treat it with that respect.

You Are Developing Financially Awareness

You have found that it just isn't sustainable to live session to session, so that when you're sick or on holiday, you don't get paid. You are working towards a profit planning model which allocates and saves so you don't have to dip into personal savings on the regular.

You Are Ready to Implement the Calculations

You know that comparing your fee to colleagues doesn't feel good, and you've played with spreadsheets to figure out your own expenses and where your fee needs to be. It's easier to implement the plan towards that profitability when you're amongst others doing that too.

The Good News is that there are plenty of places to learn about private practice that will help you with these challenges. The Practice Pod is an experience-led, trauma-sensitive, neurodivergence and identity affirming space. The members are welcoming, smart, curious, thoughtful and warm. Check out the testimonials below to see what they say about me!

️Pod Monthly Events

The Practice Pod is a 6 month facilitated coaching group for therapists based anywhere in the world working in private practice and beyond. This group runs July-December 2024.

Call Times: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month

7-8.30pm UK time/8-9.30pm CET/2-3.30pm Eastern

  • 1 x 90 minute facilitated themed discussion and networking group per month
  • 1 x 90 minute Q&A coaching group per month


  • Zoom Live Recorded Calls
  • Zoom Replays for All 2024 Calls
  • Breakout Discussions
  • Pre-Submission Q&A Form
  • Voxer oicenote App
  • Heartbeat Community App
  • 30% off 1to 1 coaching with Tamara


  • The Practice Framework Course, Workbook and Template
  • Voxer Peer Group Between Calls
  • Free 30 minute 1 to 1 coaching call with Tamara
  • Access to LOTTIE POD Facebook Group

Join us for six months of supportive coaching, strategic planning, and a conscientious community of helping professionals.

What 2023 Podinis are saying

Maura Brivio  POD 2022 & 2023

Therapist & Coach

Being on the coaching pod with Tamara feels like being on a treasure hunt. For me each meeting is an exciting expedition into uncharted territories, filled with the anticipation of discovering valuable insights and innovative solutions. The journey is not just about the destination; it's also about the spirit of collaboration and equality that Tamara brings, characterised by a genuine commitment to working together and valuing the contributions of each Pod members. She fosters a collaborative culture that values each individual's strengths and expertise. With Tamara, it's not just about her; it's about empowering and assisting all of us in achieving success in our businesses.

Henrietta Ray  POD 2023

Psychodynamic counsellor

I had been a fan of Tamara's work for some time. Joining her POD did not disappoint. I really feel that I have learnt so much from Tamara and the group. Alongside the group calls, she provides a wealth of educational resources. In my mind, it has been a very worthwhile investment and I can see the benefits in how I have started to scale my practice.

Lim Li Hsien  POD 2021-2024


Working with Tamara forms the foundation of how I construct a practice that suits my needs while maintaining the professionalism of service required of me. I’ve created practice processes, scheduling, administration all around the structures she has taught me. She is also incredibly skilled at creating the collegial community that supports my need to stay connected with what is current and changing in the profession.

Doors are open for The Practice Pod July-December 2024!

POD 2024

  • 2 x 90 minute calls per month
  • Dedicated space in Heartbeat app for replays and resources
  • BONUS Voxer Peer Group for connection between calls
  • BONUS 1 to 1 onboarding 30 minute coaching session with Tamara
  • BONUS access to private LOTTIE POD Facebook Group of lovely therapists!

  • Zoom live recorded calls
  • Zoom Replays For 2024 Calls
  • Onboarding Business Review form
  • Pre-Submission Q&A Form
  • Heartbeat Community App
  • 30% off 1 to 1 coaching with Tamara

  • £150 per month x 6 payments
  • £100 per month  x 9 payments
  • £900 in full payment today
  • £113 per month x 8 starting payments in one month
  • $USD AND €EUR VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE! Please email if you prefer another currency.

I recommend you read my Core Values page to check that we are aligned on the big stuff, like what we mean by affirming, inclusive and sensitive practice.

Tamara Howell Pod Leader 

I am a therapist in private practice, course creator, paperwork geek, workshop leader, membership coach, bundle host and mastermind facilitator.

The Practice Pod is a total dream. Filled with incredibly thoughtful and empathic members, we build, learn and expand frameworks together.

And if you are a neurodivergent therapist looking for help getting your business ducks in row, I'm a very encouraging duck herder ;)

Lovely words from Past (and Current!) Pod members

In 2020, one of my lovely "Learn to Love Online Therapy" graduates, Morag, asked if she could do some coaching with me in a small group. The first pod became the second, which became the third and now The Practice Pod has evolved into a group coaching container for therapists crafting private practice and beyond.

Lim Li Hsien  POD 2021-2024


Working with Tamara allows me to understand better how I can move forward with my practice and make it my own. She takes the unique experiences of each participant in the group and uses them to synthesize meaning and purpose. The creative exercises are fun, and also relevant to giving us more insight into how we see ourselves in our private practice.

Morag Barker  POD 2021

Integrative Counsellor

Tamara is a hugely generous and creative enabler and coach. I valued the way she engaged us as a group, building a safe and supportive environment.  I learnt so much from my time with her and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity it gave me to personally reflect and develop.

Most of all, Tamara's way of being has made me feel that anything is possible.

Ruth Mark-Roland  POD 2021


Working with Tamara is like a burst of sunshine, she is full of energy, enthusiasm and most of all a wealth of wisdom and confidence. Tamara is the advocate that everyone needs in their corner, her support and belief in me has given me immense confidence to run a group.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tamara.

Benefits of joining Pod


Step into a welcoming community where therapists from diverse backgrounds come together to share experiences, insights, and support. Our discussions are warm, respectful, and filled with valuable perspectives. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to meet up with fellow therapists, co-work, present to one another, plan Zoom coffee chats, and host social calls, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.


Gain access to experienced coaching tailored specifically to therapists in private practice. Whether you're looking to optimise your business strategy, explore alternative income streams, or create a more sustainable practice, the group is here to support you every step of the way. With our trauma-sensitive, identity-affirming approach, you'll receive the tools, resources, and encouragement you need to thrive personally and professionally.


Experience a community where there's room for everyone. Pod offers a supportive environment tailored to your needs. With three different types of calls — themed discussions, Q&A coaching sessions, and networking with breakout spaces — you'll find opportunities to engage, learn, and connect in ways that resonate with you. Join us and discover a place where your unique perspective is valued and celebrated.

What 2022 Podinis are saying

Kathryn Wright  POD 2022

Integrative Psychotherapist

Tamara offers an incredibly supportive environment in which to develop and grow. My time in The Practice Pod has helped me to be more confident in my current business, and to visualise my future business.

Most of all, Tamara's way of being has made me feel that anything is possible.

Emma Harris  POD 2021-2024


Tamara's coaching has transformed my practice. I've reorganised my schedule and really felt the benefit; gained more confidence in my niche; increased my fee - and my confidence that I'm worth that fee; taken control of my finances; implemented new systems which make my life so much easier; and gained an international network.

Renata Andrade  POD 2021-2024

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist

Tamara is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and generous with her experience. She always brings more than you imagined, and creates a fun, warm, encouraging and productive space.

Working with her has been essential to growing a sustainable international practice.


We do not offer pay-in-full discounts or bonuses. We have come to realise that rewarding in-full payment is one of the ways that businesses disadvantage buyers who prioritise regular cashflow or are not in a position to pay the full amount at one time. Therefore we absorb any additional transaction costs and risk associated with payment plans.

What 2022 Podinis are saying

Simone Smith

Integrative Psychotherapist

Working with Tamara has been a revolution in my private practise and I have gained the confidence and expertise to run a thriving business.

Chris Oxborrow  POD 2021-2024

Integrative Psychotherapist

Working with Tamara is thought provoking and never ceases to take me somewhere I didn't know I could go. I've got so much more out of Pod than I expected - a greater clarity of myself, my ever evolving niche and my potential.

Laura Pritchard

CBT Psychotherapist

Working with Tamara has enabled me to feel connected to a wider, web of therapists. Previously I felt rather ‘untethered’ but now I feel part of a professional network. Also whilst I have a wealth of experience from a previous career, I’m a private-practice newbie. At first I thought perhaps I should have joined a POD later but I’ve been able to learn and begin to put in place better and smarter processes from the outset of setting up my business.

Úna Sweeney

Integrative Therapist

Working with Tamara is one of the best decisions I've made in getting my private practice off to a professional start. What changed for me during my time in The Practice Pod was that I gained support and confidence in how to put a framework around practice that worked for me. Having the pooled knowledge of other more experienced therapists along with Kim's technical expertise was an invaluable combination to my practice growth so far.

Jo Lofthouse

Integrative Psychotherapist

Working with Tamara has had really tangible results. It has given me the confidence to up my fees and change my policies to make my business work better for me. I highly recommend a 1:1 session whether you’re looking to turbo charge your practice or just iron out some wrinkles. Tamara is approachable, kind and just the right level of challenging.

Maritxu Arlegui

Integrative Psychotherapist

Working with Tamara is so affirming. What changed for me during my time in The Practice Pod was my confidence in running my business and making it sustainable according to my individual needs. I have gained a lot of valuable and practical resources from how to calculate fees to polishing up my website, yet the most valuable aspect of the Pod for me is the connections I've made with other therapists. Some of which have become very close and a key component in my personal support network. Thank you for creating and facilitating this space, Tamara!

Alice Tew

Integrative Psychotherapist

What I love the most about The Practice Pod is sharing and learning with Tamara and other therapists who value themselves and their businesses, and inspiring and encouraging each other to grow.

Viki Dimopoulos  POD 2022-2023

Integrative Counsellor

Working with Tamara is inspiring. She is a fountain of invaluable knowledge and experience when it comes to private practice. The Practice Pod helped me make changes to my practice so that it feels more aligned with my personal and professional needs and values.

Elaine Tarsh

Relationship and Psychosexual Therapist

Working with Tamara is always affirming and supportive. She runs fabulous, supportive spaces for therapists to connect.

Maura Brivio  POD 2022 & 2023

Therapist & Coach

The Practice Pod is an inspiring program where you meet like minded and like hearted people; it is a space where you learn a lot about your practice and yourself as a business person and where you are encouraged to develop a practice built on your own values, beliefs and worth.

Jan Siddle

Integrative Psychotherapist & Supervisor

Working with Tamara has really helped me to grow in confidence in my ability to work online, both technically and professionally. She is warm, supportive and extremely generous and patient in helping everyone who is taking part to get their needs met - however random our request or however many times we ask the same question! She has grown and nurtured a wonderful therapeutic community which we all have access to, which is invaluable as a self employed practitioner.

Carly Radford


What changed for me during my time in The Practice Pod was an increase in meaningful connections with colleagues, and the creation of new friendships. I feel more supported and connected both personally and professionally. I feel more confident as a business owner and feel inspired and hopeful for what's to come in terms of continuing to grow and develop.

This is a great fit for you if...

  • You are a qualified psychotherapist, counsellor, psychologist or helping professional
  • You want to build a sustainable business in private practice and/or other multiple income streams
  • You ask for time when you have questions and offer it to others when you notice they find it hard to take space.
  • You are generally available at live call times - if you miss a few, you can catch the recordings!