Write Your Psychology Today Profile

As a new client searches through the plethora of profiles, your first sentence speaks to them. Nudges them. They pause, a moment of hope, searching for more in your paragraphs. Let's help them reach out to you.

This FREE course takes you through the whole Psychology Today profile step by step with examples from my own and other profiles to give you tips on what to include and what to avoid.

What do we cover?

We start with prompts, niche guidance and find our magic words. We then write our personal statement using my nine question formula and finish with all the check boxes and supporting sections.

Why Niche?


Core Values

Covid-19 Statement


Should I add a video?

How to Record

Client Focus

Tidy Up the Sidebar

Treatment Approach



Specialties & Issues

not getting enquiries?

-video guidance-

in the community!

Join me in the Facebook Group and search for #directorylisting videos where I walk through the course lesson by lesson! This way you have some company along the way, AND you can post your new wording in the thread for feedback from colleagues. See you there!