Create Your Referral Network

*Your Way* 

Identify who to build your referral network with and how to ensure a steady stream of enquiries for your private therapy practice.

no tiktok, no insta, no socials

Training w/ Tamara: 

Create Your Referral Network

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My Referral Network

I have never had a client enquiry through Facebook. Or Instagram. Or LinkedIn. I built my practice through personal individual connections and maintaining those relationships over years, even when I moved abroad - wait - especially when I opened a new practice abroad.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti social media. I use it plenty! I have met loads of wonderful colleagues on Facebook and other social platforms and I really enjoy spending time there. But for clients, that's just not aligned with my practice vision.

Most of my clients come to me through direct referrals. From doctors, other therapists, personal friends even. They tend to stay with me for a long time, and come back after long breaks and I absolutely love my practice. Over the years, I have approached my referral network in different ways and want to share with you what has worked (and what hasn't). Especially for those of us who feel more like ambiverts or introverts, it's so important that we conserve our energy and direct it in ways that feel supportive and fulfilling.

It is absolutely possible to build a full private practice through networking in a way that doesn't drain the life and soul out of your day.

In this training, I'll explain the facets of referral networks from my experience, and then we'll get started working on a systematic plan for your practice vision

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Magic Matches

Let's identify marketing techniques that suit *your* interactive preferences and will work over and over again to bring you the clients you love to work with.

Release of Information

The very first thing we need when collaborating with other professionals about clients is a Release. I'll give you my lawyer approved template, complete with intro letter.

Stay Connected

We'll build a tracking system so you know who you contacted and when, as well as important information you want to keep front of mind when reaching out to them.

No Social Media

It's ok not to be on social media. You CAN, but if that isn't your jam, and you just want to maintain a steady stream of enquiries, let's make a plan that works *for you*.

What will we cover?

When you sign up for THIS TRAINING, you'll find out:




how to build and maintain those connections

how to be a good referral contact to others

Do's and don't's


Download my lawyer reviewed Release of Information template and introductory letter.


Download the fillable workbook and complete each section as you listen to and watch the trainings.


Download my email templates for reaching out to colleagues and potential new contacts.


Download my conversion tracker, colleague connect tracker and referral resource list spreadsheets.

sign up today and get the full course, templates & *bonus* student-only facebook group



Videos of slides with audio and closed captions. Slide text is available under each video.


Fillable workbook, conversion tracker sheet, colleague connect tracker sheet, referral resource sheet, lawyer reviewed Release of Information form, referral letter and referral acknowledgement, email templates

Questions you may have...

Is this self study or live?

As soon as you purchase, you can access the course here via the website login. Please check your junk, spam and trash folders if you don't receive your login details. The course is a self study bonanza with bite size referenceable lessons, templates and a link to the original live training replay [before it got spruced up!]. You are welcome to come join the student-only Facebook group and ask any questions there, and participate in Video Days where we go live and upload mini videos of ourselves to get to know each other.

Is any of Tamara's lawyer reviewed paperwork provided?

Yes, I will include my Release of Information template which includes an introductory letter.

For anyone who completes the feedback form, I'll send over a copy of my lawyer reviewed progress report and graduation summary template too!

thanks for joining me,