Screening & Introductory Calls

Strengthen your private practice screening processes and develop a procedure for calls with potential therapy clients.

it's all part of learning to love online therapy

Training w/ Tamara

Whether we are brand new to private practice, learning how to do assessments in an agency role or we have done quite a few introductory calls over the years, a refresher in the purpose of introductory calls and screening procedures can give us a boost in confidence and clarify our private practice vision.

My recent graduates from Learn to Love Online Therapy shared with me that the Screening Call module was their absolute favourite, so as part of celebrating their graduation, and opening the doors to potential Cohort 5 members, I'm pleased to bring this training to you for the first time.

Enquiry Prep

Do you ever respond to an enquiry and not hear back? Do you have a template for inviting potential clients to introductory calls?

Risk Assessment

Do you have a template and script for your screening call? Are you comfortable assessing risk and asking questions related to risk?

Awkward Questions

Do you ever freeze when asked a question about how you work or how therapy works? Or feel awkward discussing fees or cancellation policies?

Are you open?

Are you not sold on the idea of an introductory call in the first place? Are you open to hearing more about why I recommend them?

What do we cover?

Thanks for your interest! When you watch THIS TRAINING, you'll find out:

the 5 stages of screening

the relevance of niche in screening

the key questions to ask in an introductory call

how we can assess risk in a 15 minute call

how to build confidence for your screening calls


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