The TheraBundle 2023 Debrief is a behind-the-scenes breakdown from planning through to launch.

TheraBundle 2023 was a collection of over 90 courses, downloads and resources from therapist creators around the world and sold for for $100 for one week.

It was a huge experiment for us back in 2022, the first and biggest impact-driven venture of this kind. We tracked everything we did from inception right the way through workflow, testing, launch and aftercare.

Then we repeated it in 2023 and had another six figure result.

If you'd like to know how it all worked behind the scenes, or you're thinking about hosting a bundle yourself, this TheraBundle 2023 Debrief will walk you through the process we went through, what we will take with us and what we'll leave behind.

When you purchase this Bundle Debrief, you'll find out...

Where did the idea for TheraBundle come from?

What went well and what will I do differently next time?

What were the Contributor terms for TheraBundle?

What was the promotion strategy and what paid off?

What were the details of revenue, affiliate payments, conversion rates and expenses?

Tips for hosting a niche bundle and what I appreciated about my Contributor team

How did I track workflow and how many staff hours went into each phase?

How did I find Contributors and what was the process of signing up?

What was the affiliate pay structure?

What tech stack did I use?

Details of our super successful bump offer

Why we scrapped our DFY Sign Up service

Tamara Howell

I am a therapist in private practice, course creator, workshop leader, coach, bundle host and mastermind facilitator for entrepreneurs with multiple income streams.

In 2023, I hosted TheraBundle, a collection of 90+ courses and resources for therapists on the topics of admin, clinical skills, identity and multiple income streams. This impact-driven project was a huge learning experience, and the debrief is an opportunity to share what went well and what I will do differently next time.

Here's everything in the debrief...

TheraBundle Debrief 2023

  • Replay of Debrief recorded on 15 December 9-10:30am ET covering planning, prep and launch of TheraBundle 2023
  • The Stats: revenue, payouts and expenses
  • The 3 main paid-for resources responsible for TheraBundle's creation and my referral offers for them
  • What we are looking for next time and how to get prepared if you want to apply

  • Audio and closed captions available.

  • £50 in full payment

Here's what's in the debrief...


90 minute video with audio and closed captions covering planning, prep, Contributor terms and launch of TheraBundle 2023


Tour of sales page, Contributor forms, workflow, course and customer service hub, TheraBundle 2023 Launch Party Replay


The 3 main paid-for resources responsible for TheraBundle's creation and my referral offers for those resources so you can start your bundle!


How much I spent and earned, the weird ways we experimented with promo and what we're going to repeat in 2024 when we do TheraBundle again!

Questions you may have...

Is this live or self study?

This is a 90 minute replay of a debrief I recorded live on 15 December covering planning, prep and launch of TheraBundle 2023.

Is this debrief for therapists, bundle hosts or buyers?

This is for anyone interested in the creation of bundle creation, launch and outcome. You might be a buyer, a bundle host or contributor or plan to be one in future.

What I can and can't share

I can share my experience and revenue figures. I can't share about specific Contributors in order to protect their privacy.
I can't share the actual downloadable templates for my sales page, promo pack or Contributor contract for your own use because I purchased them with copyright from sellers. I can share where to purchase templates so you can adapt them for your own bundles. 

Is this a framework for hosting or contributing to a bundle?

It isn't a framework or formula but I will walk you through my process from start to completion of TheraBundle 2023, so it'll have some useful info for bundle hosting and participation without being an instruction manual. I will share what has been useful as a host, what I appreciated from Contributors and how I hosted. I will share where to buy a framework for you to host your own bundle and you are welcome to use my ideas if you like any of them.

Will you share exact figures?

Yes. I'll share revenue tracked per day of launch, profit, affiliate commission, refunds, hours worked, expenses (expected and unexpected) and staff costs.

Are you bundle-curious? Want to know if it went well and how we kept track of all the moving parts?