Training w/ Tamara: Clinical Wills

For counsellors and psychotherapists who are ready to make administrative, financial and therapeutic plans for unexpected endings

it's awkward, it's icky, it's essential

Training w/ Tamara

When therapists ask me, "what do I need to start a private practice?", they don't often expect me to include a Clinical Will as essential preparation BEFORE our very first client starts seeing us, but that's the ideal scenario. For our clients to be taken care of, from enquiry, through intake, graduation and in the unfortunate situation where we are unexpectedly unavailable. The necessity isn't different whether we have one or 25 clients, but still we put it off.

My own death anxiety has always been the hurdle for me when it comes to my clinical will. Distraction, priorities, being pulled in every direction, especially since the pandemic began... and yet, imagine the confidence and peace of mind we can have, knowing that if something were to happen, we have thought and planned and written a procedure so our clients are taken care of, our families aren't required to make professional decisions on our behalf and nobody is left in the lurch guessing what to do.

Out of Sight...

Do you avoid thinking about this topic? Are you worried it'll jinx your practice or have you been busy managing the obligations you have?

Practical Info

Do you have a template or outline for writing your professional will? Do you have a list of accounts and subscriptions safely stored?

Feeling Behind

Do you feel like you SHOULD have this organised and it's weighing on you? Or do you need to update an old professional will?

Are you open?

Are you keen to get your ducks in a row, prepare for the worst and feel confident that your clients and business will be taken care of?

What will we cover?

Thanks for your interest! When you sign up for THIS TRAINING, you'll find out:

the 4 categories of therapist-led endings

what should a clinical will contain?

ethical guidelines for professional will writing

how to choose a professional executor

START your instructions for closing your practice

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What if I don't receive the email for the recording?

As soon as you purchase, you should receive an email confirmation. Please check your junk, spam and trash folders and mark me NOT SPAM so you receive a reminder and follow up messages! Please email us if you do not immediately receive the message. Email is always the best way to communicate with the team providing support for anything like missing emails and links.

Was the live training recorded?

The call was recorded for my "quality review purposes". The live recording is not be available in order to protect the privacy of those attending the Q & A bearing in mind the sensitivity of the subject. A pre-recorded 60 minute presentation is available until 14 January 2023 at this reduced special offer.

What is the cost of the training?

The cost of this training is £29 for a LIMITED TIME. It includes a 60 minute training presentation with slides and closed captions available until 14 January 2022 PLUS a 15 page workbook to complete alongside the presentation PLUS a discount for any paperwork templates you purchase.

Is Tamara's lawyer reviewed Clinical Will template provided?

No, but only because I want to keep the fee as accessible as possible. I may include it later and raise the fee for the training, but for now, this presentation is available for a reduced fee. The lawyer reviewed Instructions template, executor consent sheets, private details info template and my 12 page workbook walking through examples of unexpected situations to consider are available for £87 over at Private Practice Paperwork. During the training, I show you my template and talk you through it so you can create your own. My templates are for people who want to save time and want the bulk of the work done beforehand... my trainings are for people who might want to try their hand at creating it themselves. I know it sounds daunting, but that's exactly why I'm offering this training. Let's face it together and if you want the template afterwards, I'll send you over a savings code.

Why is this training available for a limited time only?

This training is offered as part of my launch for Learn to Love Online Therapy 5, starting 9 January 2022. This means you will be invited to join me for the course after you complete the clinical wills training, but there's no obligation to sign up. I'll be happy to just work together on this and welcome you in my free community space.

thanks for joining me,