Private Practice Business Consultation for Therapists

with Tamara Howell

fed up of asking your questions in facebook groups?

When you've embarked on building a life-first, values-driven business like a therapy practice, and have found faceless responses in semi-professional online spaces to be disheartening and even shaming, you might start putting the feelers out for guidance that is more personalised and supportive.

I'm done with mean comment sections and people telling each other they charge too much or can't take three weeks off over the summer. I believe it's possible to build a financially viable solo practice around your individual and family needs, because that's what I'm doing.

Bare truth time: I'm not making millions, and that's fine by me because I can pick up my child from school, walk my dog four times a day and stay under the duvet for a couple of days when I have a health-related crash, all while running a business with clients I love to work with. My priorities are creating personal space, enjoying my work and earning enough to support my family.

If you are looking for strategic, compassionate and encouraging guidance while you build your own solo private practice, I would love to support you through business consultation.

Consultation Topics

I offer consultation on limited topics that I have experience of and have studied through online programmes, courses, consultation, coaching and masterminds.

*I am not the person for social media strategy, becoming an influencer therapist, creating a podcast or running an insurance/EAP based practice. I'll be happy to point you to colleagues who specialise in those areas though.

  1. 1
    Business Fundamentals: starting from scratch, developing your infrastructure and workflow, defining and updating policies, editing private practice paperwork.
  2. 2
    International Therapy Practice: planning to move abroad, building a new network, ethics of working with clients abroad, cultural respect, risk management, local regulations.
  3. 3
    Sustainability: figuring out how to build a life-first, value-driven, financially viable business with limited time capacity or challenges related to health, energy and neurodivergence.


I was surprised at how beneficial a single coaching session could be, I received a comprehensive initial form about my practice needs which I felt really demonstrated care and attention to detail. We were able to cover what I needed in the session and I took so much away with me to reflect on and implement in my practice. I arrived confused and  overwhelmed and left feeling inspired and held.


Integrative Psychotherapist, MSc, MBACP

Coaching & Consultation Services


30 minute sprint


/30 min

Choose a 30 minute mini session if you have one or two questions that need a personalised response.

*Pro rata of hourly fee £220


120 minute intensive



Book a 120 minute intensive strategy call if you are looking for in depth reflection, discussion and developing an action plan.

*Saving of 15% on hourly fees.


weekly check-in blocks



Asynchronous voicenote support via Voxer or Whatsapp. Book 4 half day blocks (4hrs) in a 1 month period.

*Minimum 4 responses per block.

A bit about Tamara's projects

Tamara is a UK qualified psychotherapist based in Paris, France. She opened her private practice 15 years ago in London and after five international moves and variations of online, in person and hybrid models of practice, Tamara now supports newcomers with the business aspects of setting up their therapy practices, keeping their personal intentions and goals front of mind.

She is also the creator of Private Practice Paperwork templates for therapists and facilitator of therapist business coaching group, The Practice Pod.

As an enthusiastic multi-offer Therapreneur, Tamara hosts TheraBundle® and TheraSummit™, collaborative online events offering continuing development opportunities for helping professionals at accessible prices.

What Happens in a 2 hour Strategy Call?

When you know you have a list of questions, or want to work through building your mission statement and getting feedback on your directory listing, a 2 hour strategy call might be just the thing to get you over the block and into motion.


We'll identify clear and measurable goals that align with your mission and vision for your business.


We'll develop actionable steps to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.


We'll review your progress, celebrate your successes, and address any challenges or obstacles.


I'll provide support, encouragement, and accountability to help you stay focused and motivated.

what therapists say about working with Tamara

Renata Andrade


Tamara is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and generous with her experience.

She always brings more than you imagined, and creates a fun, warm, encouraging and productive space. Working with her has been essencial to growing a sustainable international practice.

Jo Lofthouse

Integrative Psychotherapist

Working with Tamara has had really tangible results. It has given me the confidence to up my fees and change my policies to make my business work better for me. I highly recommend a 1:1 session whether you’re looking to turbo charge your practice or just iron out some wrinkles. Tamara is approachable, kind and just the right level of challenging.

Emma Harris


Tamara's coaching has transformed my practice. I've reorganised my schedule and really felt the benefit; gained more confidence in my niche; increased my fee - and my confidence that I'm worth that fee; taken control of my finances; implemented new systems which make my life so much easier; and gained an international network.

Lim Li Hsien


Working with Tamara allows me to understand better how I can move forward with my practice and make it my own. She takes the unique experiences of each participant in the group and uses them to synthesize meaning and purpose. The creative exercises are fun, and also relevant to giving us more insight into how we see ourselves in our private practice.

Chris Oxborrow


Working with Tamara is incredibly affirming. She works immensely hard behind the scenes on all her offerings to provide accepting and safe environments full of potential for growth and connection. She is generous with her knowledge and her time - I would highly recommend her coaching pods as well as the other training and courses she produces.

Ruth Mark-Roland


Working with Tamara is like a burst of sunshine, she is full of energy, enthusiasm and most of all a wealth of wisdom and confidence. Tamara is the advocate that everyone needs in their corner, her support and belief in me has given me immense confidence to run a group.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tamara.

what therapreneurs say about working with Tamara

Dr Morgan Levy

Working with Tamara is empowering, motivating, and so comfortable.

She provides amazing support and feedback in a way that challenges my way of thinking so that I can continue to show up in a way that feels right for me and my values.

Abby Nordquist

Working with Tamara is such a wonderful experience. She is thoughtful, encouraging, and full of fantastic ideas.

She has helped me through my first program launch and I am so grateful for her smart guidance and enthusiasm.

Maggie Dickens

One shift I noticed during my time in Courage was how much my mindset related to my own abilities to show up in my business and for those I work with. I have been in awe of how her logistical and clarity based coaching has helped me feel more free to be me in the online business space.

Sarah Sanders

Tamara is a breath of fresh air in a space with a lot of noise and congestion. She is so encouraging and knowledgeable and has helped me get clear on doing what works for me and the practical steps I need to get there.

Jeanene Wolfe

Tamara is a dedicated, experienced coach who facilitates her groups with ease and encouragement. She models hard work alongside an anti-hustle culture to maintain work/life balance. She is a wealth of knowledge, and if she doesn't know the answer, she has vast resources to find it. I truly appreciate having Tamara in my life!

Betsy Byler

I love Tamara's encouraging attitude, her commitment to values based service and the unique ideas she comes up with.

I always feel supported and understood working with Tamara.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer 30 minute sessions instead of 60?

If you have one question, or a couple of smaller ones and you just want someone's eyes on your particular situation, then a 30 minute session is a great way to move past a hurdle.

You are welcome to book in for 60 minutes if you have a bigger topic or a few things to get through!

What is your availability?

I release a few days each month for coaching and consultation. If you can't find a spot, please email to join the wait list for next month and we'll give you first dibs.

Email: support[at]

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I ask for 48 hours notice but I recognise that we usually only cancel important stuff when we're sick, have a childcare clash or we're dealing with an emergency so I know 48 hours isn't always possible.

If I'm sitting and waiting in the call with no notice, I reserve the right to charge but other than that I usually just try to figure out a time to reschedule. My only limitation on that is it must be in the same month as purchase (not moved to a month later). Ask me about specifics if you think this might come up for you.

What happens if I book a month package and don't use the sessions?

If I'm away/sick for a chunk of time in a one month Voxer package and it renders your package impossible to implement, we can stretch the weeks. Apart from that I'm going to ask that we keep it to within one month of purchase, which means you forfeit the time if you don't use them. 

What if I want to ask you about online business and therapreneurship?

You can use the time to ask me about creating multiple income streams, online business strategy and bundles.

I may direct you to other experienced online business strategists if you are looking for support with topics such as social media, visibility, podcasting, YouTube channels, sponsorship, funnels and copywriting. 

I know a fair bit about a bunch of things but there are others who know many of those topics in way more depth than me. Feel free to ask for recs by email.