Are you starting your Private Practice?

When we qualify as therapists and step out into the world to help our clients independently, we are often met with the realisation that we don't actually know exactly how to word our policies or what to include in them.

practice policy considerations

  • Should I charge for a late cancellation?
  • Are we meant to collect details of our clients' doctors?
  • How do we write a GDPR compliant privacy notice?
  • Should we offer sliding scale or reduced fee?
  • How can clients sign contracts online?
  • How long do I store client data for?

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Reviewed by Lawyers

Our documents have been written in accordance with Data Privacy legislation and been reviewed, assessed and edited by London based solicitors.

  • Client-Facing forms
  • payment forms
  • clinical will
  • Privacy policies
  • internal intake forms
  • therapy contract
  • referral reports
  • return to in person
  • worksheets



"I believe that being mindful and clear about the terms of our interaction with clients can make beginning the therapy process easier for them.

One way we can do this is making sure our documentation is written in accessible and therapeutically supportive language.

When we are confident in our practice policies, we take care of our clients, ourselves and the therapeutic alliance."



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Therapy Contract Headings

Benefits & Challenges
Anti-Racism Commitment
Social Media Policy
Appointment Description
Payment Instructions
Insurance Panels
online therapy Intro
Technical Instructions
Diversity & Inclusivity
Professional membership
Clinical Notes
Cancellation Policy
Complaints Procedure
Training & Supervision
Informed Consent

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