The Practice Framework™

Templates & Tutorials

Set Up and Tidy Up Your Private Practice with this 125 page fillable workbook and Trello Kanban Board Collection



The Practice Framework is over 19,000 words in the form of checklists, mini blogs and pep talks along with links to resources that I have collected and organised on the topic of private practice startup, sustainability and expansion. Each category is designed to give clarity, congruence and confidence to us and our clients.



Trello is an online platform that helps us to organise visually using checklists, cards, lists and boards.

You can upload documents, save links and use the search bar as well as trying out different views. The Practice Framework Trello Board contains colour-categorised cards and supplementary action boards.



As well as providing the downloads, I recorded guidance for each of the categories, walking through every single Trello Card. Each category contains screenshare videos with audio, closed captions and speed control. Follow along on your board or with the workbook!



Guest tech coach Kim Simmons has recorded a screenshare tutorial demonstrating downloading the workbook so you can safely save it for future reference. Kim has also included a 20 minute tech tutorial showing how to use Trello in case you have never used it before.

The Practice Framework™ for therapists is a collection of guidelines, processes, and best practices that therapists can use to run and manage their private practices effectively. This framework includes aspects such as:

  1. Business Planning: Developing a clear business plan for the practice including setting intentions, identifying niche, and creating a budget.
  2. Marketing & Networking: Developing a marketing strategy to attract clients, including online presence, networking, and community building.
  3. Operations: Establishing systems and procedures to manage day-to-day operations, such as scheduling, billing, and record keeping.
  4. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Understanding and complying with legal and ethical requirements for private practices, such as HIPAA and/or GDPR regulations, informed consent, and confidentiality.
  5. Professional Development: Engaging in continuous learning and self-improvement to maintain competence and enhance the quality of services offered.

By using The Practice Framework™, therapists can ensure that their practice runs smoothly and efficiently, while also providing quality services to their clients.

Early users of The Practice Framework™

Portrait of Dr Morgan Levy with green leaves behind her
Morgan Levy
Licensed Psychologist | United states

The Practice Framework is extremely well-organized and easy to use. My private practice has felt "messy" for a while and this is just the resource I needed to help me get everything in order - without creating any additional overwhelm. Everything that Tamara puts out into the world is of such high value and The Practice Framework continues to follow those standards. 

I highly recommend it!

Portrait of Emma Harris, Therapist wearing a scarf
Emma Harris
Integrative therapist | UNITED KINGDOM

Tamara thinks of everything! This is a fabulous tool for anyone preparing to start out in private practice, or wanting to up their game. 

I've been in PP for just over 2 years and the Practice Framework has helped me to identify several areas where I can improve things for my clients, for me as a practitioner, and for me as a business owner.

?What's included in The Practice Framework™?

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What's included?

  • The Practice Framework™ Trello Board
  • The Strategy Map Trello Board
  • Week by Week Trello Board
  • Practice Setup Workflow [Example Board]
  • Video Tutorials by Tamara Howell for each Trello Card
  • The Practice Framework™ Workbook [Google Doc & Microsoft Word]
  • Trello Tutorial by Kim Simmons  

Format and accessibility:

  • Tutorial screenshare videos
  • audio, closed captions & speed control
  • Template Downloads
  • Purchase in USD ✨

When I started my private practice...

I had no idea how to start a small business when I got my first word-of-mouth referral in 2009. I didn't even know how to even register for tax. I scrambled to find a room to rent, liability insurance and sort out my intake procedure and paperwork! Do I need a written contract? A business bank account or is my personal one ok? Should I buy herbal tea for the waiting roomor is that too fluffy? What should I charge?!

Every decision was a guess at best, informed by years of having been in therapy myself. What are all the things I thought my therapists should have done, I asked myself...

I knew I would have appreciated a clear cancellation policy. I would have liked reminders and invoices. I would have liked some reasonable notice of fee raises. A bit of paper that I could look back at with practice policies. A comfy chair in the waiting room that didn't squish my hips. That's how I made all the decisions at the start and whilst it gave me a good jumping off point, I'd love to save you the anxiety of making a million decisions without any basic information to start from.

Mockup of 3 pages of the workbook with yellow, organe and green headers plus a computer screen in front with the entire workbook in multiple page layout with a PF gold stick on top

I streamlined and systematised.

Over the years, I have streamlined those experiences [read: mistakes!] into operating procedures and workflows, paperwork templates, spreadsheets and decision trees. This became a framework for my private practice, and now I'm sharing it with therapists building their own sustainable businesses.

Portrait of Tamara Howell with green leaves behind and sunglasses on her head

Tamara Howell • PGDip, MSc • Reg. MBACP (Accred.)

In case we haven't met yet, hi! I'm Tamara! I am a therapist in private practice, course creator, workshop leader, membership coach, bundle host and mastermind facilitator.

I'm super enthusiastic about policies and paperwork, love tech systems and have a particular interest in building businesses that align with our values and make impact in the world.

And if you are a neurodivergent therapist looking for help getting your business ducks in row, I'm 100% your duck herder.

the practice pod

A blend of group and 1:1 coaching

The Practice Pod is a coaching group with 1:1 connection included. The Practice Framework is included for free when you join The Practice Pod, along with access to Screening & Introductory Calls, Create Your Referral Network *Your Way*,  and If This, Then What? [20 emails for tricky situations]. Tutorials, mini trainings, workshops and an off-Facebook community app are all included too!

Frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

This course is for counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers and psychologists building or expanding their private practices. The Framework contains basic information for setup along with more advanced concepts and resources for building sustainability.

Is this for UK or US?

It is applicable worldwide and provides ideas, suggestions, templates and links that you can adapt for your private practice. The majority of my references are UK and EU based, although I have included lots of resources and links for US based therapists too!

*My spelling is British English and my accent is English, just as an FYI in case we haven't met yet :)

Is this just templates or is there guidance too?

As soon as you purchase, you can access templates AND tutorials via the course on my website. Please check your junk, spam and trash folders if you don't receive your login details. You are welcome to come join my student-only Facebook group and ask any questions there.

Can I have a refund if I don't use it?

I don't offer refunds on downloadable products as they take ages to create and once you have them, you can't un-have them! Once you purchase, you have access to the template links to save for 30 days. Please don’t share the contents or links with anyone. 

Is any of Tamara's paperwork provided?

No, this is not a paperwork offer. There are links to useful documents and a tutorial on what paperwork is essential in private practice.

Scope & Disclaimers

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything you need to do to build a sustainable private practice, although it should give you a head start! It is a reference hub that you can return to over time and adapt with your own practice policies and information. It is meant as a support to get you started and save you time.

At the time of publishing in February 2023, all links are functional and references up to date. However, links break, especially when they are external resources that are not under my control or monitoring and it is not feasible to maintain updates to outside businesses.

Some of the links I share are affiliate links. I may have missed a few by accident but mostly they have "(affiliate link)" written next to them. Many are not affiliate links and some are my own links!