International Therapy Practice

Resources for counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists researching international therapy practice, particularly when moving to or working with clients in the United Kingdom and European Union.

Tamara Howell

Welcome! I hope you find some useful resources here! I am a registered and accredited integrative psychotherapist based in London, United Kingdom and Paris, France. I started my first private practice in London in 2010 and have taken it with me, online, in person, hybrid and back to 100% online through several amazing cities including Paris, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen and London.

International Practice is one of my favourite subjects, specifically helping therapists to get set up with documentation and safety procedures, research regulations and provide international therapy ethically and with our own support frameworks in place. I hope this resource will be useful in checking your own policies and providing ideas so you feel secure and prepared for your international practice!


Download this resource, print the checklist and go through it step by step every time you have an international enquiry to check all your bases are covered and procedures in place.

Q & A Section

This is more of a mini course than a Q& A! Here I go through each item on the checklist and answer questions related to safety, privacy, regulations, research and cultural considerations.

Paperwork Templates

For therapists who are looking to move to the United Kingdom or European Union, or work with clients there, I provide lawyer approved paperwork templates at The Doc Shop.

The Practice Pod

Pod is a coaching membership with workshops, Q & A and monthly Office Hours included along with most of my courses and discounted 1:1 consultation. Read more >

What is in the download?

When you sign up for this 8 PAGE INFORMATION PACK DOWNLOAD, you'll receive:

international practice checklist

q & a Does your liability insurer cover international online therapy practice? 
*what to look out for

q & a How do we ask for permission to practice with clients abroad or when we are abroad? *template wording included

q & a How do I ensure safety though? What information do I need to collect from the client?

q & a How can I get help to a client quickly in an emergency? how do i follow up?

q & a what documentation do i need to be gdpr compliant? where do i get it?


International Therapy Practice

Info Download including Checklist

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Is there a course about this I can sign up for?

Tamara is working on an International Therapy Practice Kit for travelling therapists and will update her interest list. Sign up for the download and you'll be the first to know!

Is there a Facebook Group?

Yes! Tamara has a private practice focused Facebook Group. Click here to join and share your questions!

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